Dojo Rules

As a traditional martial arts dojo, we place a great deal of emphasis on etiquette and safe training for everyone. We ask that all students and parents follow our dojo rules so that each of our students has the opportunity to enjoy their training. 

  • Address instructors as Sensei (sen-say) and Assistant Instructors as Sir or Ma’am. Have respect for everyone.
  • Maintain a respectful posture during class.
  • No shoes allowed on training floor.
  • No bad language will be tolerated.
  • No talking while in class unless to ask a question.
  • The training floors will be swept and moped at the end of each day.
  • Bow when entering the dojo and say “Good evening (or morning), Sensei!”
  • Bow when leaving the dojo
  • During class when Sensei is demonstrating a technique, pay attention, stay silent, and keep your back close to the wall.
  • All students must wear a black or white undershirt or an official TnT Jujitsu t-shirt under gi at all times.
  • Athletic cup and mouthpiece for male students.
  • Chest protector and mouthpiece for female students; long hair tied in a ponytail.
  • Do not wash your belt.
  • No gum or candy in class. No jewelry in class. Nails cut short.
  • Uniform clean and washed.
  • No other patches allowed on the gi.
  • No ripped uniforms. No mixed uniforms.
  • When fixing or adjusting your belt or gi during class, please face the wall.
  • Your belt represents your progress, so keep it on. Do not set it on the floor.
  • No food or beverage on mats.
  • Do not arrive early to class. Arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts.
  • Do not arrive too late to class. Not only will you miss out on learning, but there’s no guarantee that your attendance will be tracked.
  • If you are late, stand at the entrance of the mat and wait for permission to enter the mat.
  • No visibly ill students will be allowed on the mat.
  • All guests who train on the mat must sign a waiver.
  • Black Belt instructors are referred to as Sensei by students.
  • Brown Belt instructors are referred to as Sempai (sem-pie)
  • All non-black belt adult students and guests are referred to as “Mr.” or “Ms.”
  • No leaving the mat without informing your black belt instructor.
  • Students are only allowed on the mat during their designated class times.
  • All injuries are to be reported to a black belt instructor immediately.
  • The Dojo does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.
  • The Dojo does not tolerate bad attitude, dangerous practice, lack of etiquette, fighting, or repeated breaking of dojo rules.
  • At all times you will listen to and obey the instructions of your Sensei and Sempai. Your safety is our first concern. Jujitsu can be physically dangerous, and your instructors are trained to recognize and immediately deal with dangerous situations. If the terms “Matte”
  • (mah-tay), or “Kiotskue” (kee-oh-ski) is used by the instructor, stop what you are doing immediately and wait for further instruction.

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